A-wai Custom Amps: A New Boutique Amps Manufacturer

A couple of days ago, Arnaud (who I’ve known on a forum) told me about about his project that should become a reality within the next 6 months i.e. opening his own boutique amps workshop in Toulouse (France): A-wai Custom Amps. As I was not  totally familiar with his work, I first checked his website A-wai Custom Amps to see what it’s all about…  And I liked what I’ve heard. He is currently helding a market survey ahead of launching his workshop. Those who have some basic French skills could answer this anonymous survey if you want to help a young motivated fellow to enter the wonderful world of boutique amps.

Arnaud makes valve amplifiers for 5 years now, and once his workshop will be open he will make real custom amplifiers i.e. made to the specs & expectations of his clients. To date his website display 2 amplifiers he made last year for his very first clients:

  • White Jack: a small 5W valve head (that can work as a 10W0) with 3 channels. The Voxy channel is inspired by the Vox AC15 amp, and the Freaky I & Freaky II channels are respectively inspired by Marshall Lead & Plexi amps. This is a lot of possibilities for such a small head.
  • British Blue: a 20W valve head with 2 channels. The Shall channel provides clean/crunch tones inspired by Marshall 18 et 20W amps. The Range channel design is based on the Orange AD30.

You can listen to several sampled sounds of both amplifiers on the website A-wai Custom Amps.

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