A Little Thunder Pickup : Add Bass to Your Guitar… Then Kill Your Bassist ?

ALITTLETHUNDER-SLIDER_WHITE_21Problems : guitars lack bass, bass players only serve one purpose that is to bother guitar players – I can say that ’cause I play bass, and guitar ! – and last but not the least, bassists are hard to find. Though they’re easier to find than a drummer, they’re still hard to find !

Solution: It was about time that a guitarist invents the ultimate tool… The tool that prevents guitar players to grab a bass – Yes, it is a well known fact that 90% of bass players are guitar players who grabbed a bass in order to play in a band – The tool that allows the guitarist to play guitar AND bass simultaneously !

A Little Thunder” is a humbucker pickup that adds bass to your guitar.  It was invented by Andy Alt, guitarist/co-founder of Guitar TV and online marketing director for Steve Vai.

“A Little Thunder” pickup works just as a traditional pickup but with a twist. By pressing on the on/off switch the pickup adds a bass signal on top of the signal of the 2 lowest strings of the guitar !

Result : you hear a guitar and a bass playing simultaneously instead of a guitar alone ! The pickup doesn’t require a battery, and it doesn’t involve MIDI technology. It can add a -1 octave or a -2 octaves to the guitar signal, and it has a polyphonic mode.

As you will hear it in the video below, the bass sound added on top of the guitar is pretty convincing… At least I think it is.

You can check A Little Thunder Pickup on Kickstarter if you feel like contributing and/or spread the word… And you can check  A Little Thunder Pickup website.

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. Hi Sem,

    Thank you for your interest and sharing A Little Thunder. We are ecstatic about the pre-orders coming in after just launching it this morning! Funny title too… I laughed! …but we love the bass player.

    I play with this guy Djordje Stijepovic who plays upright bass in the Drake Bell band and now we’re talking about how we’d work in dual bass harmonies or solos and such. Anyway, thank you for your support and we hope to reach our goal in a rapid manner so we can get artists their pickup and watch them create amazing music.

    All the best,
    Andy Alt
    Founder of A Little Thunder

  2. Hi Andy… I wish you all the best for A Little Thunder because it is a crazy cool invention ! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear music made with this pickup !

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