A Little Thunder Pickup : Add Bass to Your Guitar… Then Kill Your Bassist ?

ALITTLETHUNDER-SLIDER_WHITE_21Problems : guitars lack bass, bass players only serve one purpose that is to bother guitar players – I can say that ’cause I play bass, and guitar ! – and last but not the least, bassists are hard to find. Though they’re easier to find than a drummer, they’re still hard to find !

Solution: It was about time that a guitarist invents the ultimate tool… The tool that prevents guitar players to grab a bass – Yes, it is a well known fact that 90% of bass players are guitar players who grabbed a bass in order to play in a band – The tool that allows the guitarist to play guitar AND bass simultaneously !

A Little Thunder” is a humbucker pickup that adds bass to your guitar.  It was invented by Andy Alt, guitarist/co-founder of Guitar TV and online marketing director for Steve Vai.

“A Little Thunder” pickup works just as a traditional pickup but with a twist. By pressing on the on/off switch the pickup adds a bass signal on top of the signal of the 2 lowest strings of the guitar !

Result : you hear a guitar and a bass playing simultaneously instead of a guitar alone ! The pickup doesn’t require a battery, and it doesn’t involve MIDI technology. It can add a -1 octave or a -2 octaves to the guitar signal, and it has a polyphonic mode.

As you will hear it in the video below, the bass sound added on top of the guitar is pretty convincing… At least I think it is.

You can check A Little Thunder Pickup on Kickstarter if you feel like contributing and/or spread the word… And you can check  A Little Thunder Pickup website.

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