Dan Auerbach’s Rig

Here is a new and Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar with Dan Auerbach’s guitar tech Dan Johnson. So what gear can you find in The Black Keys set?

The Black Keys, I saw them around 2006 or 2007 maybe in a Parisian venue ! The atmosphere was hot and it is one of my best live show experience featuring The Black Angels as a support band… Both bands were pretty exciting !

Back then, Dan Auerbach didn’t have many guitars on stage… As far I can remember he only used his Ibanez SG custom plugged into a Marshall amp. It seems like his rig has wildly evolved since then. Vintage guitars weirdness, three monster amps on stage and a very fuzzy oriented pedalboard…

Just like G. Love’s rig, I never thought that getting such a raw tone as Dan Auerbach’s tone required that much gear !! Enjoy the video below with all these desirable guitars… Especially the Guild guitar !!


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