70000 Tons of Metal on the Sea

70000-tons-metalYesterday while I was reading a forum I saw what I thought to be a joke… 70000 Tons of Metal is a Heavy Metal festival that will be held on a boat in January 2011! I thought they were about to shoot a remake of the famous Love Boat series with spandex long-haired Gopher!

Seriously, when I saw the poster I really thought it was a joke until I stumbled upon the official website for the event… Damn, they’re really doing it! Next January 40 bands amongst the most famous bands of the Heavy Metal genre will go onboard of a ship with 2000 fans for a metal cruise from Miami to Cozumel (Mexico), and back.  I find that idea rather funny, and even interesting in some respects… But man the context seem so wrong, and so not heavy metal at all!! At least they should have chose to ship on board of a rusty ghost ship, that would have been so metal!!

Well yesterday evening I was kinda bored so I had a LOLtoshop session on the theme… “I bet I could do a much Heavy Metalesque poster”. Later I made 3 fake posters for the 70000 Tons of Metal event. Click on the pictures below to see the full size versions of the Fire Metal Cruise, the Beer Metal Cruise, and the 70000 Tons of Metal Under the Sea aka Titanic sucks!

fire-metal-boat beer-metal-boat titanic-metal-boat

If you wanna play too, and create a fake poster for the 70000 Tons of Metal, be my guest. And don’t hesitate to publish it on the Muzicosphere Facebook wall.

Well in case you would be interested in this heavy metal cruise go check 70000 Tons of Metal website.

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I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. j’aime bien la bière. mais en regardant l’image, ca fait un peu pisse… pas encore super marketeux très cher. par contre, niveau photoshop, je vois à quoi tu passes tes journées !!

  2. Salut !

    Tu peux te marrer sur l’affiche mais je te garantie qu’une fois arrivée sur le bateau trop classe avec du death métal comme musique d’ambiance c’était du délire !!!!! On s’est éclatés comme jamais. Suivre un concert dans un jaccuzzi avec une bière c’est le pied et pas besoin de bouger, on t’amène les bières. Juste a redire sur la bouffe moyenne et la petite salle avec un son pourri. Garantie que j’y retourne l’année prochaine mais pour
    le “Barge to Hell”, même version mais plus dark.
    A +

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