5 Strings Bass Video Tips: No More Flabby B Syndrome?

Yet another interesting series of videos from Galeazzo Frudua about adjusting the B string of a 5 strings bass so that it will sound the best way. Any bass player who tried cheap 5 strings basses knows that the B string often sucks a lot. I had 3 different ones between my hands before I’ve decided to stick with the 4 strings regular bass (and believe you me, 4 is enough for me). The 5 strings bass not only requires you to adjust your playing technique but if the construction of the bass doesn’t meet the required specs then you’ll get the Flabby B syndrome. The B string sounds muddy and is too loose (though it can be a tone that you want to reach). Actually I even had such a problem with my first bass on the low E string. I’ve always suspected an adjustement problem but I’ve never cared enough to have a further look on it. Anyway, I think that the tips given in these two videos are great and might help you to reach a compromise. I can only recommand our 5 strings bass players to watch it to learn about the secrets to get the best possible tone from the B string.




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