5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Guitarist

As this kind of post is going to appear everywhere around the web in the coming days… Here is mine enclosing 5 gifts ideas for the guitarist that he or she should like! And as I’m always on budget, all these items are affordable so that you wont be ruined once Christmas is gone!

Guitars: Sounds, Chrome & Stars by Graham Kempster.

This a book that I reviewed last year but a book is always a great idea… And this one is particularly cool! You wont believe your eyes watching all these pictures of of shiny guitars with chromes! It’s almost like guitar porn!!

Read my review of Guitars: Sounds, Chrome & Stars.

Buy Guitars, Sounds, Chrome & Stars. Written by Graham Kempster, and foreword by Steve Hackett.

Guitar by Michael Heatley.

Yet another book telling a pictured story of guitars… Pictures are great… Guitars are also great, and it features some rare models. This is a great read, and a pleasure for the eyes.

Read my review of Guitar.

Buy Guitar. Written by Michael Heatley.

Fender l’Âge d’Or (1946-197o).

This is the latest book review I’ve written on Muzicosphere, and this probably is the most complete book about Fender! It has everything needed to learn, and become a Fender expert! And this is not just for the Fender fanatics, every guitarist will enjoy it!

Read my review of Fender The Golden Age (1946-1970).

Buy Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970. Written by Martin Kelly, Terry Foster & Paul Kelly.

Niglo Bronze Picks.

I’ve reviewed these pick several weeks a ago. Niglo bronze picks are very original picks made by Daniel Patin. They are designed as ergonomic plectrums but also as jewelry. So boys, girls, guitarists and everyone who cares about how he or she looks… Why don’t you get a Niglo piece of jewelry that you will also use as a pick? There are now 3 different models: N2, N3 et N4 with different shapes. Each one costs 15€. Notice that the N2 is also available in a silver version for 30€.

Go check Niglo picks for more information.

String Cleaner.

I’m suggesting this not just becaused I laughed my ass out a couple of days ago while seeing the name once again! You know that kind of laugh that you can’t repress because you keep seeing the scene in your mind! Yeah… I kept seeing the use of this string cleaner with a G-string!! Poor me!

Joking aside I’m suggesting it because I think it’s good to have an alternative to the fast fret, right? I admit it I’m not very fond of the fast fret thing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Go check string cleaner for more information.

That’s not the biggest selection of gift ideas but it sure is a selection that your fellow guitarist will enjoy!

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