3 Ultimate Musical Gadgets [Gift Ideas]

Christmas is coming, and right after Christmas it’s my birthday. I think that you will agree that it is an even more important event! So, why not use the blog to build my wish-list! Worst case scenario, I won’t get any item from this list, but you will get some ideas of presents to offer to the musicians and wannabe musicians around you! Let’s go for the 3 first items of this hypothetical wish-list…

The Playable Guitar T-shirt

You might remember this article from the Muzicosphere archives about the Drum Kit shirt from Think Geek. Jon from Guitar Noize found this Playable Guitar T-shirt from the same company. Much better than Guitar Hero, isn’t it?


The playable Guitar T-shirt at Think Geek

USB Drumkit

Being in front of the computer sometimes sucks, especially if you’re forced to! With this drumkit you won’t get bored anymore, and you will practice and improve your rhythm skills. Awesome for all of you guys who use to finger drum all the time.


The USB Drumkit at Think Geek

The Digital Trumpet: EZPT from Yamaha

I dig the trumpet, but playing this instrument in a flat is probably the best way to have the police knocking at your door! So why not playing a digital trumpet? This trumpet is a humming controlled MIDI controller! To bad it is not a breath reacting sensor as technology allows to do nowadays. I guess that this electronic instrument would open some nice sound possibilities way beyond the trumpet sounds.


Yamaha EZ TP Electronic Trumpet at Japan Trend Shop

Hey… Not bad to begin a wish-list?

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  1. Haha the tshirts are hilarious. It definateley is better that guitar hero.

    Thanks for the cool ideas!

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