2009 Through 9 Posts

Some articles I’ve published in 2009 that I want to highlight now for various reasons.

jimi-smallThe Jimi Hendrix Gibson Will be a Stratocaster

Also known as the 2009 Gibson fiasco… This article triggered one  of the biggest traffic peaks on the blog. It also is the article that has been read as many times in French than in English (while most of the time the ratio varies between 1/ 4 and 1/3 in favor of French language).


The Blues Has Evolved… But The Fans Didn’t!

A post answering to an article from gear-vault.com… The thing I liked about this article stands in the comments section. Some of the comments were longer than the article itself, and quite interesting to read!

myna-importexportMyna by Aviary: A 2.0 Audio Online Editor?

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of comments on this one. I really thought that Myna is an awesome new online app… Apparently, that’s not the case!! Or maybe this is just the fact that the article got lost in the stream of information…

twistedErgonomics: Adapting Instruments to the Morphology?

Once a scientist, always a scientist… That’s part of who I am, and always will be. Technology can now be of help to improve comfort and help musicians to diminish the risks of injuries related to musical instruments practice. In that matter, Jerome Little work is brilliant and innovative. So is the work of Pierre-Antoine Roiron.

twitter4Twitter and the Guitarist… Are You a Twittarist?

Because twitter is the 2009 internet’s most famous obsession platform… This article was half-serious, and half ranting about twitter. Actually it has been read and tweeted a lot!!

chromePiano, Guitar or Bass? No… It is a Tap Guitar Part 1 and Part 2

Because I loved doing research about these instruments… And believe you me, some of this tap guitars seems to be wonderful. Sooner or later I will get one of these babies… Oh yes I will.

eigenharpbyeigenlabsEigenharp: The Synthesize of the Future?

Because this could be the most stunning invention of the last 50 years in the musical instruments field… And also because this article was my first plagiarism case. Some dude made some awkward copy-paste from my original article… Well, at least he linked to my post, so I’m not going to blame him. Actually it was kind of flattering…

The 56 musical instruments video demos

The 9th article is a category… The musical instruments video demos. Statistics are obvious, and I have to acknowledge that these posts are the most popular one the blog, even if it’s not good for my ego. There are some wonderful instruments in that category, and I hope that 2010 will bring even more of these contributions.

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