12/04/2009 Column: BB King, Wish-List, Fender Giveaway & Norah Jones

A couple of stuff I browsed through this week…

BB King & The Stolen Lucille

Nice story told by Premier Guitar… BB King had one of his guitars stolen a few months ago. Not any guitar… His main gigging Lucille for the last 4 years that Gibson built for his 80th birthday! A lucky collector found this guitar in a pawn shop, and he was intrigued by some oddities on this ES-345. He bought the guitar, and wanted to know more about it. BB King. 84 years old. 60 of those years dedicated to music and gigging around the world. BB King seemed to be happy as kid who found back his security blanket… And to achieve this pre-Christmas miracle story, the collector got back home with a brand new Gibson Lucille Custom… Ain’t that grand? (via Guitar Premier)

wish_list_punk_rockIs it a wish-list or a gig-list?

As Christmas is coming, here is a funny experiment at Guitar Center who implemented a funny wish-list. You shop in wish-list mode and then you share your list with your friends and family. The funny thing here, is that the Guitar Center wish-list will be displayed as a Gig Poster. Classy isn’t it? I wish our shops here would do the same! (poster wish-list at Guitar Center)

Another Guitar Giveaway

Fender is giving away a Jazzmaster J Mascis Signature… I love Dinosaur Jr music since the early 90s… I love the Jazzmaster for as much time. And yet I can’t participate to the sweepstakes cause I’m not in the US. So unfair… (via Fender.com)

I Want to Chase Pirates With Norah Jones

A little bit of music for the week-end… I’ve been enjoying the Chasing Pirates tune from the latest Norah Jones album, The Fall.


The Fall is a nice album as usual with Norah Jones, and it has a little touch of pop-rock in it that is quite enjoyable. No revolution… No complexity… Just a couple of nice melodies and songs that will warm up the winter that is coming. I have to admit it, I think I have crush on Norah Jones, and I joyfully taste her easy-listening jazzy pop music quite regularly… Luckily my testicles are well hung to my body, otherwise I think I just would go straight to the bathroom and make me a warm bubble bath!! No, I’m not being sexist…

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