11/13/2009 Column: Orianthi, PRS 25th Anniversary, Gibson Dusk Tiger & Zoom Q3

I didn’t have much time to blog this week, lot of work to do and lot of thinking. So here are some random stuff I could have blogged about but didn’t… Luckily fellow bloggers did!

The Female Guitarist of the Year?

Question inspired by my friends from Le Blog Qui Gratte.

For several months now, a girl guitarist is spreading the word of guitar in the mass medias… Her name is Orianthi and she is known as the girl who almost toured with Michael Jackson.  I’m not the biggest fan of her personal music, but her guitar playing is top level. Worth the hearing for the least… And she has pretty good tastes to choose the guitar she plays. PRS baby! Slight addition: Isn’t she a cutie with her PRS? (even without the PRS I agree, but that’s another story)

Orianthi shreds Beat It solo


PRS 25th Anniversary.

Spotted on Guitar Wink.

Speaking of PRS, they’ve released a pretty nice collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand. My guess, if the don’t want to miss a huge opportunity at PRS… They should consider an endorsement deal with Orianthi… I mean a real deal such as a signature model. Not sure they will attract there most usual target… But kiddos will run for such a guitar. And this would be a nice entry in the Signature Models Saga, isn’t it?


Gibson Dusk Tiger.

Spotted on Guitar Noize.

Yep… They sure are on fire releasing and announcing tons of stuff. After the 7 strings Explorer and the Angus Young SG I told you about this week,  they are now announcing a new innovative guitar called the Gibson Dusk Tiger. Its features are not unveiled yet, but they are teasing us. I’ll tell you more as soon as I have news.

Zoom Q3 the Video Recorder for music?

My camera crashed several weeks ago, and I am checking sites and shops to get a new one… I’m looking toward flip cams and stuff. I’ve spotted the Zoom Q3 several months ago now as they were announcing it but it seems unavailable in France yet! Anyway the cam looks great and Samsontech Zoom is powering the marketing machine to invade the youtubers world. Check the Samsontech Youtube page and the people they’ve hired to advertise (Steve Vai, Orianthi, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Sammy Hagar, Scott Ian,…)


If anyone has a good deal to share about the Q3 feel free to tell me!!

My news.

Last week-end, I got me a bass… It’s been almost two years since I sold my Yamaha BB G4 for a couple of bucks! Now I am happy to have this second hand Squier Jazz Bass Vintage Modified… And the amount of money I’ve spent was ridiculously low. As soon as I get my hand on a new camera  and as soon as my fingers stop aching, I’ll shoot a video review of this awesome bass. For the weeks (months?) to come, you can expect me to blog a little bit more about bass.

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That’s all folks…

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